4 Variety Natural Pet Shampoo Bar - Bundle

4 Variety Natural Pet Shampoo Bar - Bundle


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This shampoo bar includes wonderful bars made with delicious Organic baobab oil. They include 2 sets of gentle shampoo bars for sensitive skin, 1 repellent bar, and 1 anti-skin irritation bar.

Save on this bundle package and experience our 4 different variety bars.

Hypoallergenic shampoo bar

IngredientsCoconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Palm Oil*, Shea butter*, Castor Oil* , sodium gluconate, vitamin E And Aloe. {* Certified organic ingredients}

Chamomile shampoo bar

Ingredients: Coconut oil*, Palm Oil*, Olive oil*, Baobab oil*, Castor Oil*, Shea Butter*, Chamomile powder, Marshmallow Root Ground, Lemon Grass Oil*, Aloe, Sodium Gluconate (conditioning salt), and Vitamin E {*Certified organic ingredients}

Anti-flea and tick shampoo bar

Active Ingredients: Cedarwood, lemongrass*, citronella.

Other Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Olive Oil*, Shea butter*, Castor Oil*,  sodium gluconate, vitamin E and Aloe...{* Certified organic ingredients*}

Peppermint and neem leaf shampoo bar

Ingredients:Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Neem Oil*,Olive Oil*,Castor Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Shea Butter*, Neem leaf, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Gluconate, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. {*Certified organic ingredients}

Vegan & Cruelty-Free products

How to use : For All Shampoo bars

Wet your pet, rub bar onto your pet’s coat including belly, feet and neck area forming a lather. Rinse and dry. 

When to use :Peppermint and Neem leaf bar

Peppermint and Neem bar is excellent because it not only supports skin repair from essential oils but helps maintain healthy skin care. You can use for a general baths. It is also very helpful if your pet has irritated skin or itching, as well as dry skin. Neem helps boost great skin care and also support skin repair. For deep cleansing essential oil absorbance, massage into coat for several minutes and then rinse.

When to Use: Natural Flea and Tick Bar

Cedarwood flea and tick bar – Can be used for flea and tick or general bath. Why is this also good for general baths?  Cedarwood, citronella and lemongrass are good repellents and kill fleas and tick, however, cedarwood, lemongrass also helps strengthen hair follicles.

It is important to use cedarwood essential bar also as a preventative and for general baths. For deep cleansing essential oil absorbance, massage into coat for several minutes and then rinse.

Note: At instances, when you have an intense flea and tick problem, bars are not the only remedy needed to resolve the issue, you still have to apply a topical treatment like a flea and tick spray.

When to Use: Natural Hypoallergenic and Chamomile marshmallow bar

Hypoallergenic bar is good for normal to sensitive skin. It is fragrance free. Can be used for general baths. The same applies to chamomile-marshmallow roots bar. It is a mild bar great for maintenance of healthy skin.