Pet Grooming Kit - 3 Piece Pet Grooming bundle

Pet Grooming Kit - 3 Piece Pet Grooming bundle


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This pet grooming kit includes waterless shampoo- 32oz size, Anti-itch/allergy oil- 6oz and Flea & Tick shampoo bar-4 oz ! This natural pet grooming kit set has been deliberately paired to maximize effect and bring the ultimate skin care set for your pets. 

Anti-flea and tick shampoo bar

Active Ingredients: Cedarwood, lemongrass*, citronella.

Other Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Olive Oil*, Shea butter*, Castor Oil*,  sodium gluconate, vitamin E and Aloe...{* Certified organic ingredients*}

Anti-itch/allergy oil

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Neem Oil*, Olive Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Babassu oil*, Cedarwood Oil, Lavender Oil & Vitamin E.

{* Contains over 95% Certified Organic Ingredients}

Waterless shampoo

Ingredients: Distilled water, Mild Coconut derived surfactant blend,Cedarwood Oil, Plant based Soapbark (Quillaja Bark), Lemongrass Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerine, Coconut fruit extract and Caprylyl glycol blend, Sodium citrate, Citric acid, and Vitamin E


  • The waterless shampoo is free of paraben, sulfate, deet-free, PEG-free, mineral oil free, silicone oil, propylene glycol free, formaldehyde free, no artifical fragrance, and many ingredients known to cause skin and overall health issues
  • Our natural anti-itch oil is 100% pure oil and contains no water. It is also made with over 95% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Our natural flea and tick repellent shampoo bar is nourishing, gentle and is good to wash off fleas and tick away. It will also leave the residual essential oils at their skin surface for added skin protection. It is very important for general pet preventative maintenance. 


How to Use : Waterless Shampoo

  • For the dry shampoo, apply on your dog's coat directly and gently rub in. You will notice, it absorbs very quickly. Allow to air dry and you can brush, and that's it.! No rinse required.
  • If you apply too much and get your dog soaked, you can always rub with a towel, that's the advantage of it being a mousse, you can control the application, so don't saturate. 
  • Other options, after your pet's bath, you can mildly spray a little mousse on your pet's skin, and dry lightly with a towel. 

Note: if it feels sticky, allow to dry. Stickiness will disappear very quickly once it dries. Always, carefully avoiding eyes.

When to Use

When you want to cleanse, deodorize or provide additional natural essential oil scents for outdoor activities (essential oil skin protecting scents). Good for indoors and outdoors.

Natural variations in color can be observed from time to time with natural products due to temperature change. It is okay. Just gently shake and apply.

How to Use : Anti-Itch Oil

Massage into your dog's skin twice a day until the affected area is clear, then use once to three times a week to maintain healthy skin.

When to Use

Now this oil is fantastic, it can be applied often. It absorbs very quickly and will help maintain good skin care, as well as encourage skin repair. 

When to use? When your pet has...

* Dry Skin

* Flaky skin

* Skin irritation

* Itchy Skin

* General Skin Care Maintenance.

How to Use : Natural Flea and Tick Bar

Wet your pet, rub bar onto your pet’s coat including belly, feet and neck area forming a lather. Rinse and dry.

When to Use

Cedarwood flea and tick bar – Can be used for flea and tick or general bath. Why is this also good for general baths?  Cedarwood, citronella and lemongrass are good repellents and kill fleas and tick, however, cedarwood, lemongrass also helps strengthen hair follicles.

It is important to use cedarwood essential bar also as a preventative and for general baths. For deep cleansing essential oil absorbance, massage into coat for several minutes and then rinse.

Note: At instances, when you have an intense flea and tick problem, bars are not the only remedy needed to resolve the issue, you still have to apply a topical treatment like a flea and tick spray.