Natural Flea and Tick Control Spray for Pets- With Cedar, Lemongrass, Quillaja + Conditioning- 32oz


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Our natural flea and tick control spray for pets kills and repels tick, flea, gnat, mosquitoes, lice, bedbugs and many unwanted insects. It will kill these pests in their eggs, larvae and adult stage.

This flea and tick spray has a higher level of rich natural cedar oil from cedar tree grown within the USA. We also use food-grade ingredients.

It is safe to use around the home. This product does not stain.

It is also free of mineral oil, permethrin, phthalates, propylene glycol and paraben.

This product contains natural cedar oil, organic lemongrass oil and food grade quillaja extract. 

It also has gentle skin conditioning properties.

Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil (5%), Lemongrass Oil (1%), Sesame seed Oil (0.5%), Inert Ingredients: 93.5% sorbitol, lauric acid (from coconuts), Lecithin-food grade, mild plant based soapbark (Quillaja bark) extract, castor Oil, Glycerine, sodium citrate, citric acid, and vitamin E.

What is Quillaja? Quillaja Saponaria, also known as " Quillaia" is the inner bark of the soapbark plant.

It has been used for many decades to "remedy" several skin issues including itching, irritations, sores, dandruff  and several skin conditions.

Quillaja is also an excellent ingredient used in many dogs and cats food products.

Our Quillaja solution is manufactured within the USA and responsibly sourced. This is a powerful flea and tick control system . One that is safe for use both indoors and outdoor. You don't have to worry about harmful harsh chemicals any longer especially around your kids.!