Natural Flea & Tick Control Spray- With Cedar, Lemongrass and Quillaja plus-32oz


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Effective Flea and Tick Control System

Our natural flea and tick spray kills and repels tick, flea, gnat, mosquitoes, and many unwanted insects.  This natural flea and tick control spray contains the same level of cedarwood oil like it's sister flea and tick control spray.  It kills their eggs, larvae, and up to adult stage.

However, It contains a higher level of quillaja bark to support healthy skin and coat care. Note, this product does not stain. Additional natural quillaja bark is added to help maintain healthy skin care ("quillaja plus").

Quillaja is the inner bark of the soapbark plant. It has been used for many decades to remedy several skin issues including itching, irritations, sores, dandruff ,and hair thinning issues. This added ingredients helps with the flea and tick bites and provides gentle skin care.

Additionally, our natural flea and tick control uses natural cedarwood oil from Texas and Virginia, organic lemongrass oil and foodgrade quillaja extract. Natural color may vary in color and consistency. Lightly shake before use.

Active Ingredients: Cedarwood Oil (5%), Lemongrass Oil (1%), Sesame seed Oil (0.5%), Castor Oil (0.2%) Inert Ingredients: 93.3% mild plant based soapbark (Quillaja bark) extract, Glycerine, sodium citrate, citric acid, and vitamin E. 

Vegan and certified organic ingredients.

  • If your dog goes outdoors a lot, apply every other day or (2-3 times a week) during flea and tick season. However, typically, once to twice a week is suitable.
  • The cedar wood oil blend we use is therapeutic pure grade, which means no solvent was added to it. Spray on your dog, work into coat until the product reaches the skin and allow to dry, always carefully avoid spraying directly on eyes. Make sure to apply to legs, tail and belly.
  • We always advise people not to soak the dog. The percentage of essential oils is strong enough to prevent flea, tick and even repel mosquitoes. This can be used as a preventative or flea and tick removal option.

Safe to use both indoors and outdoors. Note, an all year round flea and tick application is the best way to prevent and protect your pet from fleas and tick.

What is Quillaja? Quillaja Saponaria, also known as " Quillaia" is the inner bark of the soapbark plant. It has been used for many decades to remedy several skin issues including itching, irritations, sores, dandruff ,hair thinning issues and even athlete foot in people.

Quillaja is very good for skin, and is also an excellent ingredient for dogs and cats. It is even included in some cat food products, and as an emulsifier in some beverage products consumed by people. Our Quillaja solution is manufactured within the USA and responsibly sourced.  

This is a powerful flea and tick control system  is safe for use both indoors and outdoor.  It's rich color comes from the natural food grade quillaja bark.

Note: Natural variations in color and consistency can be observed. Shake gently before use. 

**Not currently available for sales or distribution in the state of Washington, US or Canada**