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Finding the best shampoo for dogs can be done quite easily. There are many shampoos available that promises multi-functional benefits. Some shampoos are formulated offering specific properties. Can you find a dog shampoo that can do it all? Well! YES! Before we go into that, let’s discuss the key questions needed to be answered when choosing the right shampoo for your dog and even cats!

  • HOW WELL DOES IT CLEAN? Okay, we buy shampoos to get rid of dirt, that musky, smelly and sometimes outright dirty pet needs a bath. Soaps, shampoos, you have all your washing and bath gears lined up. All surfactant, soaps, shampoos can clean but the big question is how much do you want to strip out from your pet’s skin surface.
    • Many shampoos will clean your dog. The big question is what kind of cleaning effect are you looking for? For many years, if it foamed, people used the foaming criteria to weigh its cleaning effectiveness! It was almost believed that the stronger the chemicals, the more effectively it cleaned. But long time use has proven that this is not the case, trending from level of long term detrimental health issues observed.

    • Shampoos containing sulfate are not considered mild shampoos. They generally strip the natural oils needed for the body to stay moisturized and nourished. This causes hair loss, and dryness leaving the pet prone to itching and cascading into some skin infection.

    • Certainly, choosing natural soaps, mild shampoos is the best way to clean your furry friends. This will ensure that your dog will continue to have a great skin and coat care. The great thing about using natural shampoos or soaps, shampoo bars is the excellent moisturizing, and gentleness on skin. Depending on the kind of oils used in the saponification process, the soap can lather richly while providing skin nourishment. They deeply clean and nourish your pet’s skin better than any harsh chemicals can do without cause skin damage.

  • IT DOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL CHEMICALS? Just imagine, we consume chemicals, we breathe chemicals, we bath with chemicals. This has impacted our health greatly and has caused us to go back to a more natural and sustainable way of living. There are so many hidden harmful chemicals in products and even for some that are labeled as natural. This is why Midoricide carefully sources and selects ingredients which are safe for use, sustains and improves skin and coat care.

  • DEODORIZES WITH FRAGRANCES? NO! It is so amazing when you look at so many products. They smell nice but contain phthalates and basically fragrances. Many fragrance contain benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, limonene, linalool, methylene chloride…and the list goes on and on. These are toxic chemicals and can shorten the life span of you and your pet in the long run or make you sick. It is truly the sweet smelling poison, enticing you to come closer and then bites!

    •  Many of these chemicals have been linked to liver, lung disease and even have advance effect on the reproductive system. This is why using natural essential oils is the best. Using essential oils properly categorized for type of pets can providing both long lasting and sustainable health. It also can provide medicinal, therapeutic effect along with its wonderful aroma. Natural essential oils over synthesize harsh chemicals is always the best approach.


  • DOES IT CONDITION YOUR PET’S SKIN? Why not? Many oils have several conditioning properties and particularly natural oils. Natural oils from plant source without chemicals helps to provide excellent skin care. Additionally, using mild coconut derived shampoo mixed with honey, castor oil and baobab oil will gently condition your dog’s skin.

  • CAN YOU MAINTAIN A HEALTHY PET’S COAT AND SKIN? Applying oils mixed with natural essentials in a shampoo base will improve your pet’s general coat. Take for instance, shampoos containing neem oil helps with dandruff, skin irritation and is great for sensitive skin. It’s a plant that has many active ingredients that help renew and restore damaged skin. Additionally, baobab oil is a super oil packed with natural vitamins while being rich in anti-oxidant.

  • CAN YOU GET ADDED SKIN PROTECTION FROM PEST? Yes, you can! You can have a shampoo that does it all. Lemongrass and cedar helps to strength hair and skin care while providing an additional skin protection from pest. They are known repellents and will kill ticks and fleas.


  • A SHAMPOO BAR THAT LATHERS TOO? Yes, that too. Many oils have different properties when naturally made into a soap from the saponification process. Depending on the property of the natural oil, the lathering process is generated. Natural soap, shampoo bars are amazing! Not only are they great for skin but they lather very nicely as well. You want your dog to have that silky, lathering and creamy bath experience with a high quality shampoo, balanced just right for your dog. You can try out our fabulous shampoos! Nature has all that we need to sustain our pet's skin. Natural plant oils are mother nature's gift to us.

Overall, the kind of shampoo you pick will determine the general skin health of your dog. Typically, people quickly change when something abnormal on a dog’s skin serves as a trigger. Poor quality shampoos can take time to show its adverse effect.

Buying a quality shampoo will save you additional cost associated from fixing a terrible skin ailment.

As people, when we use a personal care item that is too harsh on our skin, we can immediately respond to it by moisturizing our skin. Dogs are typically covered with hair and you may not quickly see the gradual deterioration of your dog’s skin as quickly as it can be observed in humans; until it is too late to prevent it.  

Midoricide uses natural, organic ingredients, carefully researched, selected and balanced shampoo great for dogs. Many people only want to use oat meal as their shampoo base for dogs but do not realize that they are several other options. For dogs, with sensitive skin, we have hypoallergenic shampoo bar, and our liquid shampoo which is rich in baobab oil, neem oil and honey and uses mild coconut derived surfactant which is human grade and typically considered more expensive in the shampoo industry.  They are sulfate free shampoos and even delicate enough to be used in baby shampoos. We do not compromise on the quality of our products ever and  we continue to use the best ingredients. You can check out our shampoo collection here.



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