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Two Engineers sat on a bench and discussed how "overly processed" personal care items containing toxic chemicals are used in our everyday life. It quickly became a matter of "don't just talk about it, do something! During our conversations, Craig stated…”Mention a loved one that you haven't seen suffer from a personal care product in some way or the other.”

Immediately, it was like several flashbacks. I remembered in a small town, 5 dogs, an enormous veterinary bill and strong toxic care treatment. I remembered, siblings and friends experiencing skin irritations and reactions, also, my best friend being allergic to so many care products.

That afternoon, I browsed through several stores, pet stores, personal care stores, and was disappointed to see that many questionable care products still dominate the shelves for everyday use.

Midoricide - About US

It is a sad thing that our standard way of life subjects us to use only products loaded with traces of harmful chemicals.

Ingredients such as preservatives, additives, and many personal care products contain researched traces of impurities. 

These products are still been used in everyday life and have been proven to contribute to long term health issues and in some cases, cancer.

Everyday we check the news, we hear of an american family been inflicted by a fatal disease. Can we do something? Can we try to do things better?  Yes, we can! Every step we make toward improving our health gives us extra time to spend with our loved one, to experience beautiful things.

Midoricide About Us

Society keeps us very busy working to support our families. Unfortunately, this leaves us with less time to think about the selections, choices, and researching of natural safer alternatives down to the core raw material base.

Another day, I came across a friend complaining of her dog's severe reaction to a commercially available flea and tick treatment. The dog suffered so much : scratching, crying, rubbing its body across the ground. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

The final straw came from my mother, she stated her dog couldn't stop itching after using a popular pet brand.  


Signs after signs...Enough was enough. We would rise from the ashes and take a hold of our life style and life!

We were going to use our technical skills to produce great, non toxic products, effective and natural products.We were not only going to create a separate brand for pets, but we were also going to create a different independent brand for people. Thus, Midoricide & Midori Family was born.

We have seen excellent results since focusing on natural care systems when used on pets, family, and friends. With 36 years of Engineering skills and a continuous strive to protect our loved ones; our product line has been carefully researched and designed to ensure, a safe, non-toxic, nourishing, and high quality selection of items available for general care & maintenance.




Why Natural & Organic Products?

* Research studies indicated from Cornell university by the department of agriculture and life sciences (Pimental) states that the major economic and environmental losses due to applications of toxic chemicals used as pesticide were as high as $1.1 billion per year for public health, $1.4 billion in crop damages and about $2.1 billion on average each for both death on birds and water contamination.

* Our Organic and selected natural ingredients are free of chemicals and toxic particulates. Generally, impurities in care product clog pores causing skin irritation and poor skin care. However, the biggest factor relating to use of pesticide in care products produced evidence of carcinogenic threats due to the application of toxic chemicals or traces of residual impurities.

midoricide on sustainability- Importance of Organic products

   * Organic products produce safer, gentle, moisturizing and excellent skin care effects while providing nutrients.

Midoricide Organic products


* Many Skin care products are comprised of mineral oils, silicone oil, synthetic preservatives and care products which produce adverse effect on the skin

* We buy USDA Organic Certified ingredients and non-GMO Oils. Non-GMO Standard requires ongoing testing of all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and annual audit to ensure the highest possible standard. None of our ingredients use GMO technology.We use organic and extra virgin ingredients which ensures that the benefits of nutrients associated with the product is in-tact and optimized.


* We also buy fair trade certified ingredients. Fair trade certified ingredients ensure social, environmental and economic standard are met to facilitate safe, healthy and quality products while ensuring transparency, protecting and empowering communities. 

Midoricide on sustainability

*  Organic farming helps sustain healthy soils, and farmland, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and thereby, preserving wildlife, birds, water supplies and support eco-system balance.

Enpowering communities @ midoricide


* The negative health effects of pesticides is more significant with kids. Kids have a faster metabolism than adults, and increased exposure to harsh chemicals can cause illness. We strive to produce cleaner, safe products for our families.

Enpowering communities at Midoricide

* We ensure 100% recycle of all leftover products and use kraft boxes, hence limit plastic waste.

* Additionally, thousand of pets are accidentally poisoned each year by the use of toxic chemicals. A large percentage were associated with dogs and cats.Several studies indicate that billions of dollars are lost to animal illness including chemical related (pesticide) associated poisoning. Midoricide works to provide a natural, safer, green, clean products line one step at a time to provide better options.

About Midoricide Natural Pets


* Certain ingredients used widely in personal care products have shown poor biodegradability, are persistent in the environment with contributions to heavy metal in the environment. We replace our chelating agent with a better alternative that is non-toxic, biodegradable and bio-renewable. Let's protect our families, pets and environment by better selections and choices.

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