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Midoricide’s concept came from a place of intense care for better health. If anything, the pandemic showed us how valuable it is to care for our health, mind, and family. It requires us to be strong advocates for our well-being more than ever before. In 2017, two engineers discussed the type of raw materials used in ingredients today, quality of ingredients, and how certain chemical products impact our health.

The analogy of the model unit of family typically involves people and their pets. It’s known that the spread of skin disorders can migrate from pets to humans. An example would be the attachment of certain ticks which are known carriers of Lyme and other diseases, to individual people or pets. Highly contagious Sarcoptic mange (scabies) is a skin disorder transferable between dogs and their humans. Everyone has a story. I encourage you to read about me to know my “why” for Midoricide. I am so excited about the future and what we have brewing for this brand!


Once Upon a time…..

In a small town, 5 dogs, an enormous veterinary bill and strong harsh treatment options. Unfortunately, even with the concentrated nature of these chemicals, they didn’t resolve the issues and I watched as their health continued to digress rapidly. All given "tablets- the pill" to help against ticks, fleas & mite. They were never the same. Different strong medications being applied with no resolution in sight. I remember Lorenzo's eyes till today. That soft gaze that she would give to me and how I felt. At that time, my father would say call back the VET! "Why are they not improving?". I saw defeat set in and they never improved -1990s. The resources that we have now was not available. With increasing advocacy to provide better health and naturally, I am excited about the future. There's still a lot to be done.

The objective still remains that providing safer options to get rid of pests without negatively affecting their overall health will always be the best alternative. Consistency in use of plant-based products, nature's resources, continuous maintenance, and diets are critical subjects to achieving significantly improved pet wellness.

Going back to “Care”. I thought, how can I care using natural resources and my research background to be a change agent? An advocate for better sourcing and formulation of better products for pet skin and coat care. Imagine thinking about that at age 11, then age 14, and age 17. Scrolling through medical books were easy as I was surrounded by cousins who were in medical school and my path originally was to become a doctor. With “wide- eyes” listening, I dreamt of creating solutions. I was sad that they had suffered like that. I would finish chemistry textbooks, over and over. Studied different sciences trying to be in the position to impact change and heavily encouraged by my father.

An earth-shattering change occurred at 19 with the sudden loss of my father. My mom was immediately a widow with 6 kids. My youngest sibling was only 7 years old.  My father was a dynamic individual who was extremely compassionate, an entrepreneur himself, caring and generous to so many including his family because he “cared”. In his home-town, as multitudes of people gathered for his funeral, we overheard cultural and sometimes scorning statements like, “who is going to “care for you and the community the way he did?” “Your life is over”.

There was no father to be the guardian and protector like he always was. I immediately remembered the strength of his words, “you can do anything you put your mind in, "I believe in you", and " You are a guardian", " The first born"... That always meant to me to lead by example. At minimum, more than a decade of positive self-affirmation from him. With every word from my mom and dad, there was power and meaning to it. In trying times like that, it meant everything. I am inspired by his legacy of being a “guardian, the extent to which he cared for everything he touched by doing what I love. Being a "guardian" through the act of “vetting and sourcing", formulating plant-based product alternatives to care for pet health and people.

Midoricide”- Using “GREEN” nature’s resource to “CARE”,  NOURISH ,“GUARD” against and ELIMINATE nuisance pests for improved pet wellness, and their humans.

"Midori"- Means Green Inspired by my work in Japan in the shizuoka region known as one of the green tea capital of the world. Lifestyle, wellness, low sugar culture, hardworking nature of the farmers tending the fields.

"Cide"- Means Kill. Inspired to using nature's best defense to guard or protect and eliminate them.

With over 36 years of engineering research/development and manufacturing skills, Midoricide carefully provides, a safer, gentle, nourishing, and effective care system for pet skin and coat care.

Midoricide is a Woman-owned & Minority Business.



Rose is the Founder & Chief Scientist of Midoricide natural products. With 15+ years’ experience as a senior chemical engineer, she successfully led research, development, and manufacturing processes, both within the US and Asia. Author of 12 corporate scientific reports and a certified green belt. Her passion for health and natural alternatives along with innovative and unique formulations in batch processing inspired her to create a wide selection of products. The oldest of five siblings, and growing up with four cousins who are medical doctors, this taught her to be health conscious from a young age. Additionally, she also grew up with many dogs and feels an intense responsibility to provide a gentle-natural option, and overall improved skin-coat care.

Craig is the Co-Founder of Midoricide Natural Products. A former United States Marine, with over 30 years engineering management and directorship background. He provides an enormous and talented experience in design, manufacturing, research and development work, prototype extending to heavy machinery, plant production facility expansion and real time production across several countries. He is also backed up with a proven successful track record in technical, product development enhancement/technology within several fortune 500 companies.

After experiencing several allergic and inflamed reactions himself as a child and through adulthood, he is a strong believer in the use of gentler, safer, and more nourishing product alternatives for pet care.



Why Natural & Organic based Ingredients ?

* Research studies indicated by the department of agriculture and life sciences (Pimental) states that the major economic and environmental losses due to applications of toxic chemicals used as pesticide were as high as $1.1 billion per year for public health, $1.4 billion in crop damages and about $2.1 billion on average each for both death on birds and water contamination.

* Our ingredients are free of harsh chemicals. Generally, impurities in pet care products can clog pores causing skin irritation and poor skin care. However, the biggest factor relating to use of pesticide in care products produced evidence of carcinogenic threats due to the application of several harsh chemical products containing traces of both residual impurities, and "tough" hazardous ingredients.

midoricide on sustainability- Importance of Organic products

* We also buy Certified organic ingredients and non-GMO Oils. Non-GMO Standard requires ongoing testing of all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and annual audit to ensure the highest possible standard. Additionally, we use organic and extra virgin ingredients which ensures that the benefits of nutrients associated with the product is in-tact and optimized.


* We also buy fair trade certified ingredients. Fair trade certified ingredients ensure social, environmental and economic standard are met to facilitate safe, healthy and quality products while ensuring transparency, protecting and empowering communities. 

Midoricide on sustainability

* Organic farming helps sustain healthy soils, and farmland, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and thereby, preserving wildlife, birds, water supplies and support eco-system balance.

Enpowering communities @ midoricide


* The negative health effects of pesticides is more significant with kids. Kids have a faster metabolism than adults, and increased exposure to harsh chemicals can cause illness. We strive to produce cleaner, safe products for our families.

Enpowering communities at Midoricide

* We ensure 100% recycle of all leftover products and use kraft boxes, hence limit plastic waste.

* Additionally, thousand of pets are accidentally poisoned each year by the use of harsh chemical flea and tick treatments. A large percentage were associated with dogs and cats.Several studies indicate that billions of dollars are lost to animal illness including chemical related (pesticide) associated poisoning. Midoricide works to provide a safer, gentler but effective option for pet care.

About Midoricide Natural Pets


* Certain ingredients used widely in personal care products have shown poor biodegradability, are persistent in the environment with contributions to heavy metal in the environment. We replace our chelating agent with a better alternative that is biodegradable and bio-renewable. Let's protect our families, pets and environment by better selections and choices.

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