Dog Detangler – Best ways to care for dog matted hair

Looking for the best detangler for your dog or even your cat? Well, you have come to the right place. Having a pet with a huge bundle of “furry” love can be a pain. This is particularly hectic when you are trying to detangle a seriously matted ball of hair. The level of ease by which your dog’s hair can be dematted or detangled depends on the tools used.

When detangling your pet’s hair, having a good detangling product, dematting brush, tools and mats are important. What are some of the best ways to detangle your pet’s hair?

  • Using an effective detangling product that works with a few sprays: Not all detanglers are created or formulated equally. There are some detanglers that requires excess amount of liquid content to loosen hair. Choose a detangler that easily detangles without having to soak your dog in liquid and one that requires minimal amount of spraying
  • Using a Natural based detangler to limit issues like itching and some skin issues can improve your hair’s general skin surfaces: Some of the chemicals used in these products can be toxic to the skin. Using natural detangler which are mild along with gentle preservatives and additives ensures that your pet receives the best skincare without irritating the skin. Additionally, the health benefits from using a truly natural spray system makes it worthwhile
  • Incorporating preventative brushing to prevent matting and tangling issues: One of the best ways to improve the brushing ease of hair or fur is to add a routine brushing regime to your pet’s grooming care.

  • By adding routine brushing, it ensures that your pet experiences less tangling to prevent matted hair nightmare. This makes detangling your pet’s hair at any point in time to be done with ease. No more dealing with a complex matted tangled mess. Using high quality detangling tools for brushing and dematting: The kind of dematting tool or brush you use will also the detangling ease along with the product used. Having a good detangling tools and product works hand in hand and will ensure easy brushing flow

  • Apply a fragrance free leave on detangler during routine brushing : When you choose products which are fragrance free, it tends to appeal positively for sensitive skin. Fragrances added in products can be very irritating to your pet’s skin. It can lead to issues such as itching, dryness and in some cases allergies. Additionally, general commercial made detanglers are prone to cause more skin irritation issues when used frequently. This throw away the ideal of incorporating routine brush along with product use into your pet’s grooming regime. As a result, it is important to choose a gentle fragrance free detangler that works effectively and can be used frequently without causing skin irritation issues in both the short and long term
  • Routine tangle checks using finger:  Do quick tangle check by running fingers through your pet’s hair. This will enable you to decide when to apply detangler during your dog's routine maintenance. It can quickly break tight knots when you allow your finger freely flow through soft strands of hair/fur on your pet’s skin.

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