Got Quail Eggs? A Natural Anti-Allergenic Itching Care Alternative

During this year’s Naperville Farmers’ market event, we had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Rawsome Pets & More, Angela. Sharing a common goal of providing relief for allergic response, itchy skin issues commonly expressed by our customers, we discussed skin issues, irritation, and allergies. Extremely dedicated, passionate and skillful at her methodology of pet food science, she solves a problem that is highly needed in our pet food industry today through the provision of healthier food choices. Allergic and flammatory responses typically require both an internal and external solution to resolve them. We were impressed and particularly intrigued by her production of high purity quail powder from 480 eggs.

Rawsome pets owner shared her strenuous process used to making her quail egg powder. In one production batch, they start off with 480 quail eggs, over 74hrs, ending with 240grams. Rawsome pets sell quail eggs in addition to providing 100% pure grade quail eggs in Powder form and a variety of nutritive food products.

You can purchase it here. Note, this is not fresh eggs but it's in powder form. It comes in categories: Maximum Anti-inflammatory, Joint Anti-inflammatory, Joint and Maximum only, with varying price selection.

Note: this is not a paid or commissioned post, and we do not sell quail eggs. However, we are sharing to provide other natural alternatives for those interested in alternative, authentic, and great quality products for allergy/ itching care relief. You can purchase quail products from Rawsome pets. Rawsome pets also provides complete pet meals, healthier food choices, including a raw diet alternative FREE of fillers and conventional additives typically seen in pet food.

Digging more, we were amazed to find the numerous benefits of quail eggs. This is no ordinary egg. Quail eggs contains a large amount of ovomucoid protein. This protein is a known natural allergenic protein, a trypsin inhibitor.

When Allergens strike

How it works?

Historic literature shows use of quail eggs in Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures. It was considered as one of nature's natural antihistamines, decongestant and with cortisone effect.

A French practitioner, Dr Truffier observed that the farmers who raised quails presented fewer allergic symptoms than the general population. After witnessing this, he trialed the use of quail to reduce allergic symptoms for his patients both adult and children. This turned out to be successful. This has led to more interest in the use of quail as seen in several different clinical studies. A much smaller sample size of 45 patient showed 90% of patients reported a relevant improvement in their allergic symptoms.[2], [3]

Dr Truffier's therapeutic approach on allergy by use of quail eggs noted that since 1968, more than 800 patients have accessed the use of quail eggs as a form of remedy to alleviate their allergic concerns with significant reduction in allergy frequency. The research also noted a different methodology for the use of quail eggs for asthma care. His research mentioned the importances of good storage of eggs and a brief mention of european biochemical comparision of quail eggs to chicken eggs, with quail having 5X's more phosphorus, 7.5X's more Iron, 6X'S more Vitamin B1 and 15X's more vitamin B2. Most of the ovomucoid analyzed from others like chicken, ducks, turkey had little to no affinity for human trypsin unlike quail which showed inhibition ranging from 76% to 95%.[1]

We hope you enjoyed our brief narrative of how it works. For topical care, we recommend Midoricide anti-itch oil and shampoo; with benefits from neem oil, cedarwood, vitamin E, apple cider vinegar and honey to mention a few.

A complete system for inside and outside ( internal.external) care can be more effective for the fight against allergies, itching, skin irritation or other flammatory skin response issues. 

Note: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All opinions are ours and is not meant to substitute medical recommendation or professional advice/help. This is an educational blog.


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