Importance of choosing Natural based Dry Shampoo for Dogs and cats

“Dry Shampoos”. What is all the fuss about dry shampoos?

Well, there are many delivery systems used for topical skin care regime to establish good hygiene. They come in many fashions. Some come in liquid forms, in semi-liquid, powdery or solid form. Dry shampoos can be delivered in the form of  a mousse form or spray.

All leading to a kind of controlled delivery to the skin’s surface. They are typically used to remove oily, greasy scalp, deodorize, without the need to soak the skin with excessive amount of water, or even the need to rinse. The popular types include starchy content mixed with other ingredients in an aerosol spray.

Today, we will explore the attributes of a good dry shampoo mousse for your pet. Many dry shampoo mousse contain paraben, alcohol, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals which dries out the skin, results in buildup and leads to poor skin care.

A good dry shampoo is one that not only helps provide mild cleansing, but deodorizes with natural essential ingredients.

It can also possess other attributes such as gentle cleansing, conditioning, and helps in the skin rejuvenation process. Take for instance, there are food grade ingredients such as quillaja bark which provides natural skin enhancement.

Quillaja bark is plant based and is known to be effective and helps with many skin issues such as itching, fungus, dandruff, hair thinning and loss. In a dry shampoo combination, it provides additional skin nourishment that helps provide a gentle refreshing and healthy coat.

Additionally, other benefits include dry shampoo containing essential oils. Essential oils can provide aroma therapeutic, help prevent pesky pests, strengthen hair shafts and promote great skin care. They are certain essential oils that work great. They include cedar wood, lemongrass and lavender.


Ideally, a great natural based dry shampoo should also be sulfate free, alcohol free and synethic fragrance free. They should also be color and dye free.

The type of preservative selected for use in a dry shampoo is also very important. Preservatives are necessary in any product containing water to maintain the integrity of the product and shelf-life. You would want one which provides great skin care benefits without compromising your pet’s health. There are toxic preservatives which can disturb the skin’s surface of your pet and contribute to several skin issues. Just like what we eat matters to our body, the application of harsh chemicals can also disturb, aggravate and lead to detrimental skin problems.

Dry shampoo or waterless shampoo are a fairly new form of skin cleansing for both horses and pets. Typical directions when using a mousse is as follows:

When you want to mildly cleanse and deodorize your dog in between baths. For the dry shampoo, apply on your dog's coat directly and gently rub in. You will notice, it absorbs very quickly. Allow to air dry and you can brush, and that's it.! No rinse required.

o   If you apply too much and get your dog soaked, you can always rub with a towel, that's the advantage of it being a mousse, you can control the application, so don't saturate. 

A good dry shampoo will not only provide gentle cleansing but will deodorize, and can provide a gentle skin conditioning effect leaving coat feeling silky and even gentle to the touch. The kind of surfactant used in any mousse or waterless shampoo matters as well as the additives included in the product.

Nevertheless, it is very important to use a top quality dry shampoo mousse for your pet. Unlike humans, pets don’t get to take a shower as frequently as we do. Therefore, you want to ensure that their pores stay refreshed, free of buildup and skin nourished.





  • I’d love to win because i have three bulldogs with dry skin. My baby bully has skin that gets super dry and itchy. I feel so bad for her and want to try the best.

    Trisha McKee
  • My dog is really sensitive, so I’d love to win to try these products.

    Celeste Herrin
  • Dry shampoos are so important & great to use because they don’t have any toxic preservatives (which may be needed with traditional shampoos.)

  • It is so important to use natural, gentle things for our pet babies.

  • I would love to win because I think products with natural ingredients are so much better for my baby Elvis!

    Vikki Billings

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