Is your Dog a little diva ?

MIDORICIDE NATURAL PET - Is your Dog a little diva

There’s a reason why it is said that DOGS are a man’s best friend. They display different personalities which makes us adore them. As part of the family, they grow with us, play with us, eat with us , sleep with us. They can be affectionate creatures, co-operative, playful, independent, shy, life of the “party”, laid back, protective and exhibit many more personalities. We love DOGs and they are part of the family. Now let’s check out some signs that could trigger the questions: “ do you have a little dog diva at home”?

  • WHEN YOUR DOG WILL NOT SLEEP BY ITSELF: We are indeed creatures of habit. Amy and Emmanuel brought Bubbu home as a puppy, they allowed him to sleep on their bed. Bubbu now became an adult dog, and they decided…hmm it’s time to put him on the crate. Bubbu whined, howled, barked, cried,...they tried for days until Bubbu won. Bubbu gave them the “evil” eyes like “what were you thinking?”. American pet product association survey indicates that at least 62% of american sleep with their pets so it is not unusual. Decide what you want to do when you get a dog from the beginning when they arrive because its becomes harder to transition out of a pattern. 
  • WHEN YOUR DOG WILL NOT EAT UNLESS BEING FED- Okay, most dog would sniff and walk up to their food and eat. There was a dog that once wouldn’t eat unless being fed. The concerned owners took him to the veterinarian several times wondering what was wrong. It soon became clear that it was a learned pattern since she was a puppy. She thought she was human and was so accustomed to being fed that she won’t touch her food unless she was fed by her owner. She was a healthy and active dog that just needed to be taught to be independent. Divas are created, not born.


    • WHEN YOUR DOG IS SELECTIVE OF HIS PLAYTIME- Some dogs will jump up and about at any chance to play. Bubbu was selective of his playtime, he would only play when he wanted to and not when you initiated playtime. It was all part of his personality. If you didn’t play when he wanted to, he would get upset and start to whine.


    • WHEN YOUR DOG SHOW SIGNS OF KEEPING GRUDGES- Sometime, Tom wanted to go out on an errand and didn’t bring his dog along even with the whining. When he returned, the dog was upset and refused to play with him for the entire day. He finally came back around the next day!



    Whatever the personality your dog exhibit, they are always trying to tell us something. Either an action to show affection, an action to show when something is wrong, an action to play. No matter the approach, we pay attention to give them the best care that they truly deserve. For they are indeed man's best friend!

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