Why Midoricide Natural Pet Shampoo is so Unique?

These days, there are so many shampoos available in the market. In-fact, the competition in the shampoo world is so fierce that many people don’t even give it a second glance when it comes to shampoos.

Many of the pet shampoos currently available contains oat meal. Oatmeal is one of the oldest remedies used for dogs inflicted with flaky and itchy skin.  It is high in protein, fibers and several essential vitamins. It also has a sustainable amount of Iron, zinc and Manganese.

Yes, indeed, it is a beneficial grain. However, one remedy that works for one pet doesn’t necessarily mean it will always work for another. You can quickly be left in a state of dilemma when your dog is allergic to grains, in food or shampoos. This is when you actually have to be very careful about using oatmeal shampoos. There are so many different types of shampoos promising to provide different skin benefits. As a result, we decided that we could provide multiple attributes all in one shampoo bottle. The selection of ingredients makes our shampoo dynamic and very suitable for several pets like dogs and even horses.

We decided that this shampoo would be so fantastic that it would align with the luxurious premium shampoos custom made for professional horses, and yes even those do not measure up to what this pet shampoo provides... Our All in one shampoo is the Queen of all natural pet shampoos.

Without sounding as if to embellish with mere titles, let's take a closer look on what we like most about our natural pet shampoo.

The key properties in this natural shampoo is that it's:

  • A pH Balanced Shampoo
  • A Shampoo that helps sustain a healthy skin and coat 
  • Sulfate free
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Naturally Anti-septic
  • Helps build skin strength and sustain a healthy skin surface.
  • A shampoo that aids in protecting the skin from bites
  • A Natural humectant to prevent dryness
  • Skin conditioning effect
  • Washes out nicely with a fresh clean feel for your pets and no residual chemical feel
  • A mild woodsy scent from high quality oils with anti-oxidant activities
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Skin repairing properties
  • Deodorizes without aggressive fragrance scent.


    What are the Amazing Key Ingredients used in this natural shampoo combination?

    Neem Oil is anti-inflammatory, it penetrates into the skin and boost quicker skin repair.

    Honey is naturally anti-bacterial and loaded with anti-oxidant. It helps open up pores making it easy to unclog.

    Baobab is a natural oil with vitamin 6x higher than orange. Its combination with natural amino acid based surfactant from apples, helps sustain and provide excellent skin and coat care

    Quillaja extract and neem helps stimulate rejuvenation through the formation of cells for skin restoration.  Additionally, it boosts anti-dandruff activities and is a natural emulsifying surfactant with skin conditioning effect. It also helps with hair loss, thinning, and itching.

    Apple cider vinegar combination with organic neem also assists with itching. It helps to remove soap residues while improving your pet’s skin and hair condition

    Cedarwood and lemongrass oil are not only natural repellents and removal remedies for fleas and ticks. They also help with hair loss, thinning and help strengthen hair.

    Natural coconut and apple blend ensures that it is a mild and won’t strip the natural oils from your pet’s skin

    Aloe vera has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties

    Rosemary extract and vitamin E helps to protect the skin from damages caused by external factors like the sun and on a molecular level, free radicals. We also use non GMO vitamin E.

    Vegetable glycerine provides moisturizing benefits.

    Sodium gluconate (Conditioning salt) instead of EDTA and an additional cheating agent.

    It’s definitely a high quality shampoo that every pet owner should have to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. We are proud of this product. Give it a try and tell us what you think. Looking for the best shampoo for dogs? You have just found it!







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