Enter for a Chance to Win $90 Value Midoricide Natural Pet Care Sweepstakes

Enter for a Chance to Win $90 Value Midoricide Natural Pet Care Sweepstakes –Click on photo for more details.. 

Christopher C is the winner of this sweepstakes.

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    1. How to Enter: To enter the Sweepstakes, the sweepstakes/ giveaway must be entered by doing three things.
      • Submitting your email address, first and last name on "our sign-up" tab
      • Liking Midoricide Natural Products official facebook page
      • Commenting below the Pet Care sweepstakes/giveaway post on this Midoricide’s website official blog page on why you like this bundle set. Leave a comment below.

    This lucky winner will get a special giveaway bundle which includes:

    1) One Peppermint and Neem Leaf Shampoo bar

    1) One natural pet detangler

    1) Natural Flea and Tick Control Spray

    1) Anti-itch oil/ allergy oil spray

    1) Dry shampoo Mousse for Pets


    • I prefer all natural products. I’m always worried about the chemicals in other shampoos hurting my dog. I haven’t tried these products but would love too!

      Tonya Revell
    • I like the bundle because it is natural. We keep taking in dogs into our family that people throw out and this would be perfect in keeping them clean and flea free.

      Jammie Morey
    • I love that they are all natural products. I have never tried try shampoo for pets before. That sounds amazing.

      Shane A
    • I like that it is more natural than others I have used and that the scents are amazing.

    • Love the product

      Andrew Stamp

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