Hydrated silica repellent spray for dogs

Hydrated silica - Natural Flea and Tick - With Cedarwood Oil and Lemongrass- 6 oz


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High Purity Cedarwood essential oil & lemongrass essential oil

Natural Flea and Tick powerful formulated to dry the outer-shell of these unwanted pest causing them to suffocate with powerful purity essential oils. It repels and kills ticks, flea, their eggs and larvae, gnat, mosquitoes and also repels many unwanted bugs. It creates an environment where fleas and ticks cannot stand to be in with protective pore cleansing feature of hydrated silica, vinegar and nourishing vitamin E.

It is an excellent natural flea and tick control suitable for daily use while eliminating the use of toxic chemicals.

It contains no paraben, no synthetic fragrances, no pyrethrin, permethrin, Alcohol, phenol or formaldehyde carriers.

Active Ingredients: Cedarwood Oil (3.5%), Lemongrass Oil (0.5%), sesame seed oil (0.15%)

Other Inert Ingredients: 95.35% Water, vegetable glycerin, mild pH balanced soap ,potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xanthum gum, hydrated silica, vinegar, sodium citrate, vitamin E , oleic acid

  • If your dog goes outdoors a lot, apply every other day or (2-3 times a week) during flea and tick season. However, typically, once to twice a week is suitable.
  • The cedar wood oil blend we use is therapeutic pure grade, which means no solvent was added to it. Spray on your dog, work into coat until the product reaches the skin and allow to dry, always carefully avoid spraying directly on eyes. Make sure to apply to legs, tail and belly.
  • We always advise people not to soak the dog. The percentage of essential oils is strong enough to prevent flea, tick and even repel mosquitoes. This can be used as a preventative or flea and tick removal option.
  • For kitten/cats- Do make sure to massage into the skin. Don't saturate or soak your kitten or cat with this spray. Always perform a small test and lightly apply. Lightly spray areas where your cats lay down such as your couches, cat poles if you have one, their beds and any beddings. This product does not stain.

Safe to use both indoors and outdoors. Note, an all year round flea and tick application is the best way to prevent and protect your pet from fleas and tick.


It is non-toxic, natural and safe around children and pets. It dries quickly and does not stain. It has a sweet cedar and lemongrass scent.

This is the perfect spray that can be used indoors and sprayed around your home without the worry of harmful, toxic chemicals that kill pest but also harm you!

**Not currently available for sales or distribution in the state of Washington**