Midoricide Extra Defense Flea and Tick Control Spray -8oz -New Release!

Midoricide Extra Defense Flea and Tick Control Spray -8oz -New Release!


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Extra Defense Flea and Tick Control System

A higher concentration Kill and Repel Product made with powerful botanical oils of cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary and sesame.  With research showing the higher the cedrol level, the higher the kill rate, we further optimized to bring you this amazing and highly effective product.

   Sulfate Free

   Higher concentration

   A little goes a long way

   Paraben Free

   No added alcohol

   Extended staying Presences

 ✔  Silky soft and moisturized skin

   Silicone Free, Deet Free , Permethrin

      and Pyrethrin free

A truly special product that combined the effect of higher concentrate of cedarwood, lemongrass , rosemary and sesame oil to further deal with tough pesky pests. 

Our cedarwood oil is made and sourced within the USA. We use organic lemongrass, rosemary and sesame which we consider the best grade. Be sure to lightly shake the product prior to use.


Active Ingredients: Cedarwood Oil (10.5%), Lemongrass Oil (0.75%), Rosemary Oil (0.5%),  Sesame seed Oil (1%)

Inert Ingredients: 87.5% Distilled water, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Vinegar, Glycerin, Soap,  Xanthum gum, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, and Sodium citrate 

This flea and tick spray has a higher level of rich natural cedarwood oil from cedar tree grown within the USA. 

Vegan and certified organic ingredients.


  • If your dog goes outdoors a lot, apply every time the dog goes outdoors. Use at least 2-3 times a week during flea and tick season as a preventative. However, okay for daily use.  From 12 weeks and older.
  • The cedar wood oil blend we use is therapeutic pure grade, which means no solvent was added to it. Spray on your dog, work into coat until the product reaches the skin and allow to dry, always carefully avoid spraying directly on eyes. Make sure to apply to legs, tail and belly.
  • We always advise people not to soak the dog. The percentage of essential oils is strong enough to prevent flea, tick and even repel mosquitoes. This can be used as a preventative or flea and tick removal option.

Safe to use both indoors and outdoors. Note, an all year round flea and tick application is the best way to prevent and protect your pet from fleas and tick.

* For Dogs and Horses Only* Not suitable for cats

Why Cedarwood? Cedarwood oil is one of the few oils that is affecting in repelling and killing fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mites. For this reason, we source it as our primary ingredients against fleas and ticks.

Lemongrass Oil? Lemongrass is highly repulsive to fleas and ticks. The presence of citral and other chemical compounds of this essential oil repels them.

Rosemary Oil? Studies show molecules found in rosemary repel and kills ticks.

Sesame Oil? One of the few oils considered to be called " alarm pheromones to insects" is sesame oil. A component in sesame oil prompts insects to avoid them. 

The other ingredients? As a system, we formulated a product with additional benefits such as good staying presences, nourishing, protective, with a humectant effect on skin.

Shake gently before use. 

**Not yet currently available for sales or distribution in the state of Washington or Canada**

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natural flea and tick spray!

What a great product! We tried this on our Rottweilers and it didn’t bother them at all! The smell is a strong natural smell that really will knock any bug out. We are super excited about this product and will continue using it!

Love this!

We’ve been looking for an all natural alternative than the traditional flea + tick prevention. So happy we found this! Easy to use! 10/10

Diamond Sears
Perfect Timing!

My little dog would be considered a literal tick magnet! Every he goes to the woods with me he ALWAYS has at least one tick on him when we get home. Every. Single. Time. Midoricide came in just in time for tick season to start back up! Ive used it once on him so far and so far so good no ticks!

I’d definitely rather have a smelly dog from tick repellent than possible Lime Disease from a tick bite!!!!!

Love this!

We love being outdoors and play but don’t love to use harsh chemicals. In the search of an effective and safe flea and tick treatment we’ve tried several brands. Some are just ineffective, others have super strong smells or leave an oily residue. The Midoricide spray is effective, has a mild, very pleasant scent that’s not overpowering and it does not leave a residue.
Highly recommended!