Hydrated silica repellent spray for dogs

Hydrated silica | Natural Flea and Tick | With Cedar Oil and Lemongrass- 6 oz


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How Hydrated Silica works

Natural Flea and Tick spray with hydrated silica is a non-toxic and effective way of getting rid of flea and tick. It works by initiating the physical and mechanical action of killing the Flea & Tick on contact.

It dries the outer-shell of these unwanted pest causing them to suffocate. The cedar oil & lemongrass oil adds increased performance in the removal of these unwanted insects.

This repels and kills ticks, flea, their eggs and larvae, bed bugs, gnat, mosquitoes to mention a few.

It is an excellent natural flea and tick control suitable for daily use while eliminating the use of toxic chemicals.

It contains no paraben, no synthetic fragrances, no pyrethrin, permetrin, Alcohol, phenol or formaldehyde carriers.

Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil ( 11.5%), Lemon grass Oil (0.5%), Inert Ingredients: Hydrated Silica (87.5%)

It is non-toxic, natural and safe around children and pets. It dries quickly and does not stain. It has a sweet cedar and lemongrass scent.

This is the perfect spray that can be used indoors and sprayed around your home without the worry of harmful, toxic chemicals that kill pest but also harm you!


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