No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo for dogs/cats- 8.5 oz


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This is dry, rinse-free and water-less shampoo.  Our product gently cleanses and deodorizes. Particularly since pet don't require daily baths, this product makes a perfect cleansing product for cleanliness and deodorizing.  Bonus points for all the benefits accompanying cedarwood and lemongrass oil. 

Cedarwood strengthens hair shaft, soothes, calms skin and also protects. Lemongrass oil is a purifying oil, sweet scent and reduces redness, itching and swelling.

This dry shampoo foaming mousse for pets produces a silky, gentle touch after use. You will notice the soft feel of your palm after using this mousse on your pet.

It is paraben-free, sulfate free free, silicone free and does not contain artificial fragrances. Our dry shampoo contains natural cedarwood , organic lemongrass and foodgrade quillaja bark .

Cleanses and deodorizes

Great for applications prior to outdoor activities, and also for indoors. 

All combined supports great skin care maintenance for your pet.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Mild Coconut derived surfactant blend, Cedarwood Oil, Plant based Soapbark (Quillaja Bark), Organic Lemongrass Oil*, Organic Sesame Seed Oil*, Organic Castor Oil*, Glycerine, Coconut extract blend, Sodium citrate, Citric acid, and vitamin E  {Certified Organic Ingredients*}

How to Use

  • Apply directly on your dog's coat, gently rub in and use as needed. It's quick absorbing and light. Allow to air dry and you can brush, and that's it.! No rinse required
  • For cats, apply sparsely and use as needed. This is formulated for cats and dogs
  • If you apply too much and get your dog soaked, you can always rub with a towel, that's the advantage of it being a mousse, you can control the application, so don't saturate. Other options; after your pet's bath, you can mildly spray a little mousse on your pet's skin, and dry lightly with a towel to get the fresh scent of essential oils of cedar and lemongrass. 

When to Use

When you want to cleanse, deodorize or provide additional natural essential oil scents for outdoor activities (essential oil skin protecting scents). Good for indoors and outdoors.

Natural variations in color can be observed from time to time with natural products due to temperature change. It is okay. Just gently shake and apply.


What is Quillaja? Quillaja Saponaria, also known as " Quillaia" is the inner bark of the soapbark plant.

It has been used for many decades to remedy several skin issues including itching, irritations, sores, dandruff and several skin issues.

Quillaja is great for skin. It is an ingredient found in dog and cat products. It is included in some cat food products, and as an emulsifier in some beverage products consumed by people.

Our dry shampoo is manufactured within the USA and responsibly sourced.  

Additional Features:

  • The shampoo base is biodegradable and absorbs quickly upon application on pets. It's a three in one; cleanses, deodorizes and soothes skin irritation
  • We also use certified organic ingredients. This product is non-staining.