Natural Stretch Mark Oil | Midori Family |

Our stretch mark oil has been specially and brilliantly formulated using certified organic oils. The application of the oil helps prevent, naturally tone and fade stretch mark appearance. Specially formulated with sensitivity in mind and taking into account new and expecting mothers, this product is 100 percent oil. It contains absolutely no toxic chemicals.

The special combination of these oils helps improve elasticity and firmness of the skin.

 Tamanu and Rosehip aids in the reduction of stretch marks, scars, acne, psoriasis, rashes ,allergies and blisters. They also encourage skin rejuvenation and skin nourishment.Our Jojoba & Olive oil also aids in elasticity restoration and gently hydrates the skin.

Baobab Oil is considered a "superfruit" because of its many great qualities. It is rich in anti-oxidant, gently moisturizes the skin while aiding in the rejuvenation process.  Borage oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This soothes and nourishes the skin while aiding against inflammation, irritation and assisting in a healthy skin care. 

organic stretch mark oil