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Thank you for stopping by! If you spent time looking at the video, you also happen to be conscious about the products you use on your furry friends just like us.

After experiencing several severe reactions from conventional commercial harsh products use within our family, we decided to make a change and do something different. Many products out there are so identical, sometimes you look and wow! the ingredients displayed all contain silicone, hidden fragrances, harsh preservatives, harsh additives as well as other chemicals certainly questionable and does nothing good for your health. This is not to say everything natural is good and this is not to say, everything synthesized is bad. We take the guess work out for you.

We thoroughly research and chose ingredients that we can safely use around little ones. You see, It's all a cascading effect.

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Have you tried Shampoo bars?

Well, if you are looking for a very gentle alternative to caring for your pet's skin. Bars are the way to go. Why? Because truly natural bars can lather well, contain no harsh chemicals, will not leave a greasy or oily feel ! They will also not dry your pet's skin out. It's another way to avoid using additional preservatives particularly for pets with sensitive skin. Even if your dog, cat or horse does not have sensitive skin, it's still a way to boost healthy skin by rolling between using bars and liquid shampoo interchangeably. Giving the skin the chance to breathe, recover, and thrive.  Shampoo bar here

Natural Flea and Tick Spray

If you have read till this point? Hurray! thank you. Our hydrated natural flea and tick is another winner. Looking for something natural , safer for your pet and works? Try this 6oz spray here and if you like it, you'll love our 32oz flea and tick spray with quillaja bark

We push ourselves to continually do better! We believe in providing better options. For our furry friends, for our entire family, join us.

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Enjoy the little things....