Beer soap & Baobab soap-With Cedar and Coffee

Black Soap- Natural soap with Baobab, beer and coffee Exfoliate

Midori Family

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Our black soap is truly a fantastic beer, baobab soap. This is an intensely exfoliating black soap bar. It contains coconut charcoal, moisturizing stout beer, cedar oil...and much more. It is exclusively made to provide deep nourishment and great skin care. 


Stout Beer, Coffee, Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Castor Oil*, Mild soaps of coconut & Palm*, Shea Butter*, Cedar Oil (From Texas), Food Grade Coconut charcoal, Coffee Ground, Aloe, Sodium gluconate (conditioning salt) and vitamin E.

{*Certified organic ingredients}

Do you know that beer infused in soap bar could help clear up dry flakes, hydrate the skin and promote smooth skin texture? It is said that vitamin B complex or pantothenic acid used to make beer is naturally found in nearly every food such as whole grain cereals, mushrooms, milk, mention a few.

Pantothenic acid also helps promote healing from mild eczema , insect stings while providing anti bacterial properties which could help relieve against the effect of acne. Rub gently on skin as it has coarse exfoliating feel to help remove dead toxins while hydrating the skin.

That's not all ! This soap combines the effect of organic baobab oil, organic shea butter ,olive and coconut oil to provide intense nourishment. Happy skin! Happy Life!.

It also contains the richest natural woodsy cedar oil  with its origin from Texas, USA. As if the wonders of this soap was not enough!

We formulated with the added supplement of food grade coconut charcoal and coffee providing added benefits such skin brightening , removal of dead toxins, soothing and cleansing effect while enhancing good dermal skin care.

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