Dog Ear Tonic - Ear Cleansing


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Our dog ear tonic is exquisite and now alcohol free! It contains organic apple cider vinegar, neem leaf extract, neem oil, organic lemongrass.....and helps boost better ear care.


Organic Neem leaf and Neem oil - Boosts repairing and restorative ear care

Organic herbal apple cider vinegar - It's a natural cleanser which removes dirt and debris to eliminate buildup. It also helps balance the ear's pH.  Herbal Apple cider rapidly absorbs and can aid in the prevention of bacteria, yeast , fungi growth and with mites. 

Lemongrass oil - It's a natural purifier.

Oregano extract- Helps to promote a sterile natural environment , alleviate irritation and soothes.

Ingredients:  Distilled water,  Organic Apple cider vinegar*, Neem leaf extract, Coconut fruit extract, Gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate, coconut derived emulsifer, Organic Neem Oil*,  Organic Lemongrass Oil*, Oregano extract, citric acid, and vitamin E 

{* Certified organic ingredients}