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Our dog ear tonic is exquisite and now alcohol free! It contains organic apple cider vinegar, neem leaf extract, neem oil, organic lemongrass.....and helps boost better ear care.


Organic Neem leaf and Neem oil - Boosts repairing and restorative ear care

Organic herbal apple cider vinegar - It's a natural cleanser which removes dirt and debris to eliminate buildup. It also helps balance the ear's pH.  Herbal Apple cider rapidly absorbs and can aid in the prevention of bacteria, yeast , fungi growth and with mites. 

Lemongrass oil - It's a natural purifier.

Oregano extract- Helps to promote a sterile natural environment , alleviate irritation and soothes.

Ingredients:  Distilled water,  Organic Apple cider vinegar*, Neem leaf extract, Coconut fruit extract, Gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate, coconut derived emulsifer, Organic Neem Oil*,  Organic Lemongrass Oil*, Oregano extract, citric acid, and vitamin E 

{* Certified organic ingredients}


Customer Reviews

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Aussie T.
Such a great item

Works great and so easy to use! It has a nice smell! It doesn't smell like harsh chemicals I believe it's the lemongrass. Definitely will recommend it especially to my floppy ear furiends. A summer must have especially if your pupper loves to swim

jaclyn R.
I have floppy ears that don't get dirty anymore!

I have a half golden retriever half cocker spaniel with very floppy ears!! The vet has always given us medicine to avoid ear infections and dirt in his ears. Now when we bring him to the vet they are not worried about ear infections! This is all thanks to our dog ear tonic. It is easy to use and natural so it is good for my pup.

Lily C.

Great product! It works great.. I recommended it to all of my friends!

Breeder Approved!!

Breeder Approved!!! We are a household of 9 frenchies!!! Products need to be Frenchies friendly here. A little bit goes along way with this!!! When we first started using this product I used it once a week. After that we use it as a monthly cleaner. We also love how all products are all natural!!!

Janis M.
No more stinky ears

My dog Jack has long ears and is (or was )prone to ear infections . No more since I've started using Midoricide Dog Ear Tonic : It cleans , disinfects and relieves itching of the ear.

I love that Midoricide Natural Pets takes pride in using natural - organic ingredients in their products at a more than reasonable price.