Essential Oil Blends - With Cedarwood Texas oil, Lemongrass & Neem


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This essential oil blend is suitable to make your own DIY oils in a carrier medium. It's a blend that is 100% concentrated and should be diluted before use.

It could be used for people who like to make a much lower concentration of essential oil sprays or to add to carrier oils. It contains ONLY 3 high purity ingredients; Cedarwood Texas Oil,  Certified Organic Lemongrass and Certified Organic Neem Oil. 

This is for use to make your own nicely scented oil for skin care or water based spray due to the many beneficial properties of the oil.

Note: This multi-use high purity essential oil blend can be used for humans and for pets.

Ingredients: Cedarwood oil, Organic lemongrass oil* and Organic neem oil {* Certified Organic ingredients}

Natural Cedarwood oil: Our high grade cedarwood oil is from Texas. The benefits include strengthen hair shaft and scalp, reducing skin irritation, itching and keeps bugs away. It also has a nice woodsy scent.

Organic Lemongrass oil: This is an aromatherapeutic oil that provides a soothing deodorizing scent. It is a purifying oil that also keeps bugs away.

Organic Neem oil: Neem oil is widely used because of its ability to help with dandruff, soothe irritation, protect the skin, reduce irritation and helps assist in wound healing and recovery. It also helps with itching issues.



Customer Reviews

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Liahna W.
Highly Recommend!

I'm a huge fan of essential oils so this is perfect for me and my dog. The scent is amazing (LOVE lemongrass) and I love the Neem oil for its soothing properties. My dog suffers from itchy skin so this is perfect to spritz. It also helps with dandruff and assists in wound healing. Amazing!!!

Brooke S
I love this for my dog!

I love this for my dog! it helps so much with his itching as well and it makes it 100% better that it's all natural! Buy this you won't regret it!

Glad you love it!

Dylan W
This item is of high quality!

This item is of high quality! Both my dog and I loved the smell. We couldn't get over the pleasant aroma. As the owner of a German Shepherd, I would struggle to find products that wouldn't irritate his skin or aggravate his allergies. Well, now we have found the perfect product! The soap suds up well and the oil is a great finishing touch.

We use authentic and thoroughly researched products

Carmen H
Very high quality product.

Very high quality product. My dog loved the smell, as did I. Will repurchase and would definitely recommend to friends. All natural ingredients and very soft on the skin.

Thank you!

Mariana H
Great product!

Great product! It works great, lathers well and overall smelled amazing. Our pup loved it so much she tried to eat it! We loved it and definitely recommend it to others.

It smells great