Enter for a chance to Win $229 total value Natural Pet Sweepstakes.

Try, Review and Enter Sweepstakes Program (TRE Sweepstakes)

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This sweepstakes gives each participant the opportunity to try five free samples of our products. Even better, shipped free to you! This bundle is unique to the sweepstakes.

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Midoricide will Provide 60 Free Samples to qualified participants. We reserve the right to limit the number of entrants into the grand prize sweepstake based on completion of the 4 main steps highlighted below. We are looking for only participants who are genuinely interested in reviewing and embracing natural, high quality premium products for pet care.

This is truly a win-win situation for all. By entering into our TRE Sweepstakes. You will receive 5 free samples. If you have already liked our page, you can skip step 1 and proceed with step 2 and 3.

These are the (4) main steps required to be entered into the TRE Sweepstakes:

1) Like our page on facebook. Click on link below.

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2) Comment below on this current blog..on why you would like to win the Featured TRE     Natural Pet bundle Sweepstakes

3) Officially enter into the TRE Sweepstakes, click on link below.

    TRE Official Entry Sweepstakes Link

4) Review the 5 free samples after you have received them & on our website. Enter the review of the samples you received on each product page, with your first name and Abbreviated last name,e.g "James Ki" and this will allow us to enter you into the random 2nd sweepstakes picking.

Note: After you have entered and completed the form, we will ship 5 free sample size of our natural pet products. The 5 free sample products include;

a) Natural flea and tick control spray  (Click for more details on product)

b) Dry shampoo mousse   Click for more details on product

c) Natural Anti-itch oil      Click for more details on product

d) (2) of any of our natural shampoo bars   Click link for more details on shampoo

5 Free Sample size includes 1 (50ml) dry shampoo mousse, 1oz organic anti-itch oil, 1oz natural flea and tick spray,  2 sample size of any of our 4 natural shampoo bars.

The lucky winner will get the featured 8 Piece Set natural pet product including a $50 egift coupon unique to shop at Midoricide Natural Pet and all shipping expenses will be covered. A total value of $229.

The lucky winner's grand prize will include:

(1) Natural Flea and Tick control spray -32oz

(1) Natural Anti-itch oil - 6oz (Made with over 95% certified organic ingredients)

(1) Natural Pet Balm -50g (Made with over 98% certified organic ingredients)

(1) Dry shampoo mousse- 8.5oz

(1) Hydrated silica natural flea and tick spray - 6oz

(1) Natural flea and tick shampoo bar- 4oz

(1) Natural peppermint and Neem Shampoo bar -4oz

(1) Natural chamomile-marshmallow roots shampoo bar- 4oz

(1) $50 egift coupon to shop on Midoricide natural pet care store

Each of these products were manufactured using premium oil and certified organic essential oils. Once you receive the samples, you'll know what i mean about the quality!

You deserve to have the opportunity to get the best products made with premium ingredients. We did just that...

After we have given you the opportunity to review, we will initiate the sweepstake drawings. Good luck.

Thank you to All Participating! We are reading comments and are shipping samples this week! Make sure to complete step 1 thru 3 correctly, so that you can receive samples for step 4.



  • I want to win the Featured TRE Natural Pet bundle Sweepstakes because I think some of the products would really come in handy to have around the house given that I have a cat and my siblings between them have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I think the Natural Anti-itch oil would come in handy the most. I would also like to try the Dry shampoo mousse on my cat. I think she would really tolerate having it used on her well. The Natural Flea and Tick control spray, Hydrated Silica natural flea and tick spray and Natural flea and tick shampoo bar would really come in handy for my brother or sister to have around their homes. I would really like to give one of them the products as a gift for Christmas. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

    Kristen H.
  • I would love to try these products on my cat. She deserves the best & I would like to give her all-natural products

  • Would love to try out a natural line of products. We have 2 dogs & 3 cats and when the fleas hit, it’s a battle to get rid of them. Our dogs also get really irritable skin from the Florida weather & still hunting for a good product that will help.

    Allen Gibson
  • I would like to win because I want my precious Goldie to be around for as long as possible.

    Kelly Freeman
  • wow


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