Enter for a Chance to Win $90 Value Midoricide Natural Pet Care Sweepstakes

Enter for a Chance to Win $90 Value Midoricide Natural Pet Care Sweepstakes –Click on photo for more details.. 

Christopher C is the winner of this sweepstakes.

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    1. How to Enter: To enter the Sweepstakes, the sweepstakes/ giveaway must be entered by doing three things.
      • Submitting your email address, first and last name on "our sign-up" tab
      • Liking Midoricide Natural Products official facebook page
      • Commenting below the Pet Care sweepstakes/giveaway post on this Midoricide’s website official blog page on why you like this bundle set. Leave a comment below.

    This lucky winner will get a special giveaway bundle which includes:

    1) One Peppermint and Neem Leaf Shampoo bar

    1) One natural pet detangler

    1) Natural Flea and Tick Control Spray

    1) Anti-itch oil/ allergy oil spray

    1) Dry shampoo Mousse for Pets


    • I like this bundle set because it includes a natural pet detangler, which would really come in handy to have since my sister and I both have long-haired cats. Plus, I think my cat would really enjoy the dry shampoo Mousse. I don’t bathe her, so I think she would occasionally like having her fur cleaned with the dry shampoo Mousse. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

      Kristen H.
    • I like that the products are basic and non-toxic.

      Bonnie Clyne
    • I love this set because it comes with all the essentails needed for a great smelling clean dog.

      Kristin McCall
    • I like that their natural products

      Francine Anchondo
    • My dog doesn’t do well with harsh chemicials so always trying to find natural products that can help with fleas.

      Leslie Davis

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